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Choosing Your Design

Great Cross Over Technique for Decorative Painters, Stencilers and Stampers!


What to look for:
Simple Designs
Few colors
Very little line work
8 x 10 format easier than 5 x 7 and 4 x 5
(except for Falling Leaves Combo) which is easy.

Canada Geese #12 or #13
Teddy Bears
Rose Bud #20
Falling Leaves#115
Pine Cones#113
Loons#110 &#111


Most of the Flower or Birds Designs


Designs with many parts
Many Colors
Lots of Linework

Examples are:
Pansy Perfect #86 Intricate details
Sunflowers #91 Lots of linework
Summer Fruit #10 Lots of colors

Again these designs really are not very difficult but might be costly if you have to buy many color all at once. With very few exceptions most of our collection can be done with what is in the Professional, Leaf and Floral Sets.

Emphasize: Line work takes practice. In most cases it can be omitted if you do not feel comfortable with it.