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Master Brush Cleaner

Same White Taklon bristle with tapered round end.
2.5oz. Small Tub  $6.99
24oz. Studio Tub  $28.99

3M Magic Tape

Same self-stick adhesive as popular Post-itŪ Notes. Holds securely, yet can be removed or repositioned. Can be written on. Available in a variety of lengths, widths and core sizes.
Price: $3.25

Eversand Pads

Two sides, two grits! Flexible pad for sanding.
Product Option*
Coarse/Medium-2"x3  $1.49
Coarse/Medium-2.75"/4"  $2.59
Fine/Extra Fine-2"x3"  $1.49
Fine/Extra Fine-2.75"/4"  $2.59

Heart Shields

Small Shield 3.5" x 4" or Large Shield 7" x 8"

We use these to cover over parts of the stencil so the area does not become contaminated by an adjacent color. Because the heart has many positive and negative curves, we also use this as a "Veining Tool" for our leaves. We place the heart over the stenciled leaf from the base of the leaf to the tip and then use a darker value green and brush along the curve. Thus, giving a nice deep set vein.

Product Option*
Small Pink 5 pk  $2.50
Small Pink 10 pk  $5.00
1 Large Blue Shield  $1.50
1 Large & 1 Small  $2.00

J.W. Right Step Products

Product Option*
Satin finish (waterbase) 8oz  $7.99
Polyurethane (gloss) 8oz.  $7.50
Exterior Polyurethane (Satin) 8 oz.  $9.95
Satin finish (waterbase) 16oz  $12.95

Krylon Products

Product Option*
Matte Finish #1311  $8.95
Crystal Clear  $6.95
Triple Glaze Crystal  $7.25


A priming ground used on absorbent surfaces where acrylic colors, oils, tempera or casein will be applied. Colors can be mixed. An excellent basecoat that dries quickly for immediate painting. Wet sand to create a colored marble-like or vellum smooth surface.
Product Option*
Titanium White 4oz.  $6.95
Black 4oz.  $6.95
Black 8oz.  $12.95

Miscellaneous Items

Product Option*
LCM912 Self Healing Cutting Mats  $11.95
XAK11 X-Acto Knife #1 Handle #11 Blade  $2.95
Poly1 Poly Brush 1"  $0.39
Poly2 Poly Brush 2"  $0.49

Painters Pyramid

Paint one side, flip and paint the other. No more waiting!
Price: $5.95

Prism Art Box

Perfect for paintstiks and brushes!
Price: $8.95

Tara Disposable Palette

Product Option*
9" x 12" DPP0912  $8.95
12" x 16" DPP1216  $12.95
Touch Of Velvet II

Touch Of Velvet II

Great Technique Book!
Price: $9.95

White Vinyl Erasers

Product Option*
WVEB Block  $1.50
WVEP Pencil  $2.95

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