Gift Ideas

Jean Hansen Publications

Theorems Make Timely Gifts
by Diane Greco for Jean Hansen Publications

Create distinctive gifts on a variety of surfaces by using Jean Hansen’s highly detailed theorem stencils. This gift guide is ideal for all levels of expertise, from novice students to teachers in search of a new class project. Learn how to execute unique gifts for every type occasion using stencil designers and theorem paintings.

Greeting Cards

These heavyweight Strathmore Greeting Cards with matching envelopes are gifts in themselves. Our 5x7 stencils of these smaller designs make them a perfect fit for standard mats and frames. Our Mini Combo Stencils which consist of 4-4x5 Stencils are perfect for the Strathmore Announcement Size cards

Maureen Parmelee's Wild Strawberries Stencil #21
Darlene Craig stenciling a Shaker Tree #16 note card with her right hand in a cast
Carol Ann Totte's "Jingle Bell" (#25) Bisque Tile

Gift Bags- Wine Sacks, Sachets Tote Bags

Put a unique twist on a bottle of wine by placing it in a muslin wine sack. Jean Hansen’s designer stencils are perfect for dressing up this common gift. They also make wonderful gift bags for homemade goodies from your own kitchen, such as flavored vinegars, canned preserves, brandied fruits, or Christmas cookies. Totes are now available in many colors and are perfect for stenciling. This is Ruth Collin's Lady Slipper Tote.


Fabulous on Fabric- Muslin, Linen, Veveteen, Silk

Don't hesitate to use textured, colored or patterned fabrics for your background. Texture can enhance your finished theorem by giving it a one-of-kind design. As you develop your decorative art skills, you will enjoy experimenting with various types of fabric. Look how beautiful on the silk.

  Heavy Textured Linen

  Susan Porter's Wild Bear


  Placemats- Fabric Blend

  Janet Sawyer's Wild Rose Stencil #170


Jane Crowell's Muslin-Magnificent Quilt

Jean Hansen's Silk Scarves

Wonderful on Wood

Bentwood Boxes

Marion Simmons Cat Box (on Site) Siamese Stencil #60

  Basswood Plates and Bowls

  Ruth Collins Holly Plate #251
  Painted Wood

  Kris's Grape Wine Box Stencil #122


Helen Allison's Toddler's Dress Daisy Spray with the Bow Stencil #136